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Structural Drawings

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Structural Drawings

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Structural drawings, also known as engineer drawings and structural plans, are drawings that outline how a building or structure is going to be built. They are put together by trained engineers or technicians and will feature a wide range of detail, including the type of materials that are set to be used, the size of the project, as well as offering a general layout of the project.

What Are Structural Drawings

Typically, structural drawings will not feature aesthetic and design information, and will instead focus on the structural integrity of a project, helping anyone that view the plans to visualise what the main support system of the building will look like. 

Our team have produced structural drawings for a wide range of domestic and commercial projects. As well as creating plans for homeowners, we have also worked alongside private investors, property developers, housing associations and various other organisations that require structural drawing services. Our team are fully trained to the highest industry standards, so you will receive fully detailed plans that comply with the relevant building regulations.
In addition to producing structural plans, we take a bespoke approach to everyone we work with, leaving you with a scheme that is completely unique to you and considers all your requirements.

The Purpose of Structural Drawings

Structural drawings are a crucial component of any engineering project, with a primary purpose to communicate a vision of how a project will be built, they also have a range of intentions. 

Some of their core focuses include:

  • Communicate design intent - The main reason for engineer drawings is to serve as a means of communication between architects and engineers. They simply and easily convey the design specifications of a project and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Provide guidance - Contractors and builders will also use structural drawings for guidance. The drawings will provide vital information about the work and include details such as where to erect components and ensure the build meets health and safety guidelines. 
  • Material specifications - Structural drawings include specifications for the materials that are going to be used. This ensures the appropriate materials are always utilised throughout the project. 
  • Load distribution and support systems - Drawings will depict how loads from buildings, such as the weight of floors, walls, and roofs, are distributed and supported by the various structural elements. This includes beams, foundations, and columns.  
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Types of Work

One-off New Build Properties
Loft Conversions
Barn Conversions
Infill Developments
Garage Conversions
Chimney Supports

Types of Construction

Traditional Wall Cavity
Timber Frame
Insulated Concrete Formwork
Reinforced Concrete
Steel Frame
Solid Masonry


Trench Fill
Traditional Strip

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Whether you require structural drawings for an entire building or a partial renovation of a property, IKT Consulting are here to make your vision become a reality.

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