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Class Q Barn Conversion Rules

If you have agricultural buildings, such as a barn, on your property, converting them can be an effective and rewarding way to access more space for your home.  While not everyone is fortunate enough to have a barn or agricultural building on their property, if you own one and are considering a conversion...

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What is a Structural Survey?

Whether you’re buying a new property or planning to carry out renovations to a building, there is always a lot to think about. As well as getting your head around the various documentation and crunching the numbers, surveys are also an essential part of the process. In the world of property, there are...

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How To Tell If A Wall Is Load Bearing?

While it might seem like an obvious thing to say, the walls in a property are one of its most important elements.  They support roofs and ceilings, provide shelter and security, and also provide a place to contain important systems for a property such as plumbing or electrical wiring. These days, contemporary interior...

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What Does RSJ Stand For?

In the structural engineering industry, a whole host of materials and components are used when constructing new buildings and structures.  If you’re a structural engineer or work within the construction industry in any way, it’s essential that you fully understand what the different options are and how to properly handle them.  One of...

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What Are Periodic Structural Inspections?

Periodic structural inspections conducted by a structural engineer are crucial for ensuring the safety, integrity, and longevity of buildings and other structures. Here are several reasons why these inspections are important for building owners and landlords: Inspections identify potential problems early Regular inspections allow structural engineers to detect any signs of deterioration, damage,...

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What is the Difference Between an Architect and Structural Engineer?

Whether you’re embarking on a personal domestic project, like an extension, at your home or working for a large-scale construction company that is regularly building new structures, there is always a wide range of specialist professionals who work on a project. Perhaps two of the most important are architects and structural engineers. While...

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What Does a Structural Engineer do?

As everyone who works in the construction industry will know, structural engineers play a crucial role in all kinds of projects. From the building of new domestic houses to commercial properties and even industrial structures like bridges, if it wasn’t for the knowledge, expertise and hard work of structural engineers it would not...

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What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is one of the most important roles in the construction process.  In fact, every piece of architectural brilliance, from the iconic Empire State Building in New York to the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building in Dubai), would not have been possible without the marvels of structural engineering. But exactly what...

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Do I Need A Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers often perform an incredibly important role when undertaking a new construction or building project.  If you’re wondering whether you need to call upon the services of a structural engineer for your next project, then we’re here to help. Yes, you probably do need a structural engineer especially if you’re building a...

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Knocking Down a Wall: A Structural Engineer's Guide and General Process

As structural engineers, we are often asked by clients if they can remove a wall in their house or building. Knocking down a wall is a major change that requires careful planning and execution to ensure safety and success. Here is an overview of the general process we recommend for safely and successfully...

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What You Need To Know About Fire Escape Stairs Regulations in the UK

Commercial businesses are required by law to have a whole host of fire safety processes and procedures in place.  In the unfortunate event that a fire does break out at your premises, a swift and safe evacuation is essential to preserve property and save lives.  If appropriate fire exits are not in place,...

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How to Avoid the 5 Massive Pitfalls That Could Turn Your Profit-Making Property A Disaster Waiting to Happen

It's understandable to get caught up in the excitement of finding that dream property. The curb appeal, sprawling layouts, and stylish finishes all spark joy and vision for the future. But in the thrill of the hunt, many buyers unintentionally gloss over one fundamentally important element: the building’s structural stability. Small, subtle flaws...

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Ensuring Safety and Compliance: The Role of Structural Engineers in Steel Staircase Maintenance

External steel staircases are vital components of buildings, whether they are commercial, educational industrial, or residential. They provide safe and convenient access for occupants and visitors. These staircases face challenges such as exposure to the elements, heavy use, and the need for maintenance to ensure their longevity and safety. In this article, we...


Rebar Corrosion in Concrete Balconies, Staircases, Walkways and Outdoor Structures: What You Need to Know

As structural engineers, we are passionate about ensuring the longevity and safety of the structures we build. One of the hidden challenges that can compromise the strength and durability of outdoor concrete structures, including balconies, walkways, staircases, and many more, is rebar corrosion. In...

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