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Beam Calculations

Need accurate beam calculations for your next construction project? If so, IKT Consulting is here to help.

Our expert team regularly undertakes calculation services for beam and other structural elements.

Beam Calculations

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Whether you have an extension project that needs beams, carrying out a loft conversion or any other type of structural work, our beam design calculations are always tailored specifically to every client we work with.

Our experienced and fully qualified structural engineers are all experts in the design, drawing and calculation for single-steel and multi-steel beams, columns, padstone designs, steel connections and more. We can also provide structural calculations and drawings that are suitable for local authority building control submissions.

What is a Structural Beam?

A structural beam, also sometimes just referred to as an RSJ, is one of the most commonly used structures in the construction and building industry. 

They provide a safe and efficient way to distribute the weight of structures across the foundation of a building. They are capable of withstanding load primarily by resisting bending forces. Beams are a key part of many structures and load-bearing elements.

Steel beams are the most popular material used in the industry, chiefly due to their durable and robust nature.   

The main purposes of a beam structure include:

  • Offsetting severe forces 
  • Resisting loads 
  • Distributing weight 
  • Uniting a structure 

Beams are extremely versatile and are available in all kinds of sizes and can be purchased in diverse quantities. With this in mind, beam calculations are necessary to ensure your project is receiving accurate and reliable structural support that keep your project on track.

Benefits of Beam Calculations

Performing beam calculations is an important part of structural engineering and design.

But they can be tricky to undertake if you’re not experienced.

At IKT Consulting, we guarantee precise calculations to ensure the safety and efficiency of your building project.

Our beam calculation services  help in analysing and designing structural beams, ensuring the safety and efficiency of a building structure. 

Some key benefits of carrying out beam calculations include:

  • Determines safe load capacity - Beam calculations help determine the maximum load a beam can safely support before failing. This is crucial for structural integrity.
  • Prevents overdesign - Calculations allow engineers to design beams with just enough strength and material to support needed loads, preventing wasteful overdesign.
  • Optimises material use - Accurate calculations allow optimisation of materials, spacing, and beam dimensions, saving on construction costs.
  • Identifies potential weaknesses - The calculations can identify high stress/strain areas that may be prone to problems or failure under loading.
  • Satisfies building codes - Beam design calculations demonstrate the structure is compliant with legally mandated building codes and standards.
  • Provides information for construction - The calculations generate detailed data needed to actually construct and install beams on a project.
  • Allows for future modifications - Good documentation of beam calculations makes it easier to assess impacts of any future changes to the structures.
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Beam Calculations for Building Control

IKT Consultancy Limited Structural Surveys & Engineers Reports

Simple structural steel beam calculations and structural calculations can usually be conducted by our team within three to five days. Our engineers may not have to even visit your site, meaning your costs and disruption will be kept at a minimum. 

Our calculations and sketches are always sufficient for you, your builder or your contractor to provide a quotation for the structural work and satisfy the local authority building regulations submission. 

To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with IKT Consulting today.

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